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3 Reasons to Choose Ventless Cooking Equipment

Technology is a sweeping force in the foodservice industry, changing the way we conduct all aspects of the business. From mobile ordering and digital menus to automation and connected kitchens, technology is helping to make things easier for both consumers and operators alike.

One of the most influential technological advances is the ability to cook without expensive ventilation or hoods. Ventless cooking is breaking boundaries, providing professionals in the foodservice industry with access to more equipment choices that can save space, reduce overhead expenses, increase production, and meet customer satisfaction rates. Numerous front-of-the-house operations such as stadiums have already fallen in love with ventless cooking options because they are perfect for their menu applications and make it easier for them to deliver meals to their customers as quickly as possible from otherwise unusable spaces.

With access to premier ventless cooking equipment, just about any site can be considered for a foodservice operation.

There are several significant benefits of ventless cooking that everyone should keep in mind.

1. There Are No Space Limitations

One of the biggest advantages of using ventless cooking equipment is that it makes it easier to set up a kitchen. Right now, space is at a premium, and vents are responsible for a significant amount of the space that kitchens take up. This means that ventless cooking equipment makes it easier to set up a kitchen just about anywhere. For example, a lot of architects and cooking professionals like to use ventless cooking equipment in high-rise spaces. This allows them to set up a kitchen in locations that might not be suitable for a traditional operation. Furthermore, ventless cooking equipment means that managers do not need to worry about impacting the safety or quality of the ductwork or other lines that run through the back of the building.

2. There Are Numerous Applications

There are also numerous applications of ventless cooking equipment. Because they are easier to deploy, they are perfect for ghost kitchens. They can be set up in relatively small spaces, providing quality meals for customers. The customer never has to know that the equipment being used to prepare their food is a bit different. Furthermore, with ventless cooking equipment, restaurants can expand the menus they offer. Cooking operations might be able to fit more cooking equipment in a given space, giving them the ability to cook meals they might not otherwise be able to cook. This gives foodservice operations an opportunity to expand their customer base.

3. Cooking Can Be Taken Anywhere

Furthermore, ventless cooking equipment gives foodservice operations the ability to take cooking just about anywhere. For example, ventless cooking equipment was recently used at a special Evo event at the Yankee’s stadium in the Audi Club. Guests were treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet with an amazing view of the field. Even though the cooking equipment was ventless, high-quality filters were used to remove particulate matter from the preparation area, treating fans to a unique experience. Of course, the ventless cooking equipment still gave fans a meal that they will never forget. Even though spaces are a bit tight in the club area of a sports stadium, with ventless cooking equipment, it was pulled off with aplomb.

Evo + Middleby: The Ultimate Ventless Solution

With access to Evo and Middleby, ventless cooking is taken to an entirely new level. With the Evo Ventless Griddle, cooking can be taken just about anywhere. There aren’t any large vents, the griddle is small enough to fit anywhere, and it is incredibly easy to maneuver and use. Furthermore, Middleby makes it easy to execute just about any menu using ventless equipment. Ventless cooking is extremely fast, making it easy for foodservice professionals to keep up with demand well also maximizing the space available. Middleby ventless foodservice equipment makes it easy to treat customers to dinner and a show. It represents the future of the industry.


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