Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! All over the country, football teams are starting to train for the upcoming season. From Pee-Wee leagues to the NFL, players are putting their pads on and getting ready for Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. So is Evo! Did you know that Evo is equipped in twelve […]

Teppanyaki at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort

One of the reasons people travel to upscale resorts is to get away from it all and experience some sun, fun, and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important for these resorts to provide their customers with an environment that does just that.  And, people also travel to these resorts to eat some fantastic food!  At […]

How to Bring Professional Cooking to Your Backyard

5 people in backyard waiting for cooked food coming off grill. Patio table on the left of the people.

Backyards are for entertaining, playing, and enjoying a home. That\’s why so many homeowners invest a lot of time and resources to ensure backyards are beautifully landscaped and well-maintained with all the necessary toys. And when it comes to entertaining in the backyard, food often brings us together. How Cooking Brings People Together Food is […]

Yes, You Can Have A Residential Flattop Griddle

Some of the best-tasting foods are prepared on a flattop grill. That’s why many love to dine at restaurants. The joys of flattop grilling, however, shouldn’t be reserved only for those with reservations. Now, high-quality flattop grills are available for home chefs in the residential market. History of Flattop Grilling Flattop grill or griddle cooking […]

What’s the Real Cost of Electrification?

Climate change can no longer be thought about as a future problem. It\’s already here and has a significant impact on all industries. This includes the restaurant and foodservice industries, which have relied on a steady supply of natural gas for decades. In particular, some ethnic cuisines, such as Asian and Middle Eastern, use the […]

The Art of Teppanyaki Cooking

Japanese cuisine is trendy in the United States. Two of the most popular methods of preparing Japanese food in a restaurant are hibachi and teppanyaki. These cooking methods are very different but often mistaken for each other. These cooking methods provide different experiences for the patrons of a Japanese restaurant. Hibachi and teppanyaki cooking also […]

Creating A Holiday Party Experience To Drive Profits

White gloved hand holding gold gift box with champagne glasses and sparkles setting holiday party experience

As the weather changes and the holidays grow closer, caterers, restaurants, hotels, and other types of foodservice operators are preparing for the onset of holiday parties. These are great opportunities to generate additional revenue, so operators should carefully consider setting up their operations for success. This means planning ahead, investing in the right resources, and […]

Evo VentCore, Nieco Broiler, And Ventless Options in NYC

With over 27,000 restaurants currently operating in New York City, most people are shocked to learn about restaurant owners’ unique challenges to run their businesses successfully. Due to the dense population, tight space, and age of many buildings, operating a restaurant in New York City requires several permits, fees, and a lot of patience. However, […]

Q & A with Dr. Michael Airhart by Guest Blogger Mike Knapp

One of the great things about EVO grills is that they offer unlimited applications. For Dr. Michael Airhart, that application is using his EVO for good. Dr. Airhart is a Chicago-based chef who has made a commitment to feed the homeless in his community. He was drawn to helping others from a young age, and […]

What Natural Gas Restrictions Could Mean for Restaurants

The use of natural gas in restaurants is a complex one. While gas has traditionally been an enormous driver of commercial foodservice equipment, those traditions are starting to change. All across the country, cities and municipalities are enacting regulations that ban the use of gas. What began in Berkeley, California, has spread to other cities […]