Guest Blogger Mike Knapp – How many fish lovers do we have out there?

Hello again, fellow Chefs! How many fish lovers do we have out there? As for myself, I can say I’m not a fan. Actually, I take that back, fish is palpable to me when it is paired with “Filet-O” or “and Chips”. I’ve made a few lifestyle changes lately, especially when it comes to my […]

How to Clean Your Evo Grill

Anyone who owns an Evo grill knows just how easy they are to clean, even Sam the Cooking Guy. That’s just one reason why Evo griddles are so popular amongst homeowners. Not only do they built to last, but they’re also easy to use and maintain. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining an Evo […]

Why Sam the Cooking Guy Loves His Evo Grill

Sam Zien used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. At some point he decided it wasn’t the right place for him, and he decided to move into the exciting world of travel television. The year was 2001, and his plans were quickly thwarted when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on September 11. […]

3 Reasons to Choose Ventless Cooking Equipment

Technology is a sweeping force in the foodservice industry, changing the way we conduct all aspects of the business. From mobile ordering and digital menus to automation and connected kitchens, technology is helping to make things easier for both consumers and operators alike. One of the most influential technological advances is the ability to cook […]

Guest Blogger Mike Knapp – Trying a Website Recipe

Trying a Website Recipe Hello again, chefs, and welcome to summer! I know, it’s been “summer” for a while, but the solstice marks a 90-day run of fun, friends, and of course, food! There’s nothing like getting some friends together on a warm summer day and grilling up some tasty food. That’s why I decided […]

Where’s the EVent? UBS Arena, Elmont, NY

When it comes to buildings and event centers, sports arenas are in a class of their own. New stadiums are relatively common, and developers and teams seem to go all out to try to outdo each other. One of the newest stadiums is the UBS Stadium in Elmont, New York, where developers have taken a […]

Where’s The EVent? H-E-B Grocery

With more people focusing on experiences that include great food without needing to go to a restaurant, the one place that’s making big waves is the grocery store. Modernized and trendier than ever, the grocery store we once knew has evolved from a place to grab food you have to cook at home. Founded in […]

Bringing The Hospitality Outdoors With Evo

Imagine driving down the street when something delicious wafts through the air. Where is it? What is it? Where can I get some? This is at the heart of one of dining’s hottest trends, which is outdoor dining. But being outdoors doesn’t have to just be for consumption. It can be part of the cooking […]

Guest Blogger Mike Knapp – Evo Grill First Cook

Evo Grill First Cook After a cold and rainy spring in Chicagoland, the weather finally broke this week, and I was able to finally fire up my Evo grill and take it on its maiden cook. But before I get to that, let me tell you my first impressions of the grill. The biggest thing? […]

Flattop vs Open Flame Grill: Professional Wheeled Cart

Since the beginning of time, we’ve used flamed heat to cook our food. It makes sense, fire is easy to come by, and over time we’ve learned to harness flamed heat into all sorts of cooking applications, such as grills, hearth ovens, and flame broilers.  But isn’t it time we evolve a little bit? We […]