The Pluses and Minuses of Open-Air Cooking

Open air, al fresco dining became even more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic when restaurant customers were looking for safe spaces and operators were searching for air purification systems for restaurants. The reality, though, is that eating outside isn’t the only option. Open air cooking is also growing in popularity. What do people need to […]

20 Years and Counting

Evo Equipment History

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. That may be, but you know what is even better? Forging your own path of innovation and disruption, so much so that others try to imitate you. That’s what EVO has done ever since the company was founded in 2001 in Portland, Oregon. It’s what happens […]

Where’s the EVent? Kusa Nori

While it’s fun to sit down at the blackjack table or catch a great show, Las Vegas is also known for its extensive selection of great food created by some of the world’s most well-known chefs. Diversity is a key to Las Vegas’ food scene, with fine dining options stemming from pretty much every cuisine […]

The Ventless Broiler Is a Real Thing

Collaboration breeds ingenuity. It’s what brings us so many innovations across all types of industries ranging from aerospace to brewing ales. When great minds get together with the goal of creating something bigger than the individual parts, magic happens, and that’s exactly what our Middleby parent company hopes to create by bringing together so many […]

What Is A Chef’s Action Station?

There is an old saying: “We eat with our eyes first”. Most people have seen endless throngs of social media posts that feature visually appealing food dishes. So, it is natural that foodservice trends are veering toward visuals. Currently, one of the most innovative movements in the foodservice industry is chef action stations. What Is […]

Redefining the limits of ventless: Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore

Over the last two decades, Middleby has become one of the biggest disruptors in the industry. From green initiatives to new technologies, Middleby has always stayed ahead of the game when it comes to embracing technology and using it to improve its products across all platforms. One of the ways Middleby has set the standard […]

Where’s the EVent? in Tuscaloosa

If there’s one thing they know in Tuscaloosa, Alabama besides football, it’s good eating. Home to one of the most famous barbecue restaurants on the planet – hello, Dreamland – students at the University of Alabama certainly know what success looks like both on the field and on the plate, and those two things come […]