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Bringing The Hospitality Outdoors With Evo

Imagine driving down the street when something delicious wafts through the air. Where is it? What is it? Where can I get some? This is at the heart of one of dining’s hottest trends, which is outdoor dining. But being outdoors doesn’t have to just be for consumption. It can be part of the cooking process, as well

Outdoor on Premiums Event

To be honest, there’s nothing like a space with open-air cooking to enjoy the smells, sights, and sounds. This trend is continuously growing in popularity with outdoor food-centered events becoming a normal preference. Hotels are capitalizing on this trend, trying to recoup lost revenue with beautiful, customized outdoor patio spaces to host events. In fact, outdoor grilling segments grew 14% in 2021, with continued revenue growth in 2022.  

Considering the benefits of open-air cooking? There are many. From increasing the amount of kitchen space to work with and serve more people, to having more ventilation to cut costs. With mobile equipment, moving from one location to another is easy to do, increasing the level of participation at hotels and resorts.

Elevate Your Menu For More Revenue

One of the most attractive aspects of having an open-air cooking environment is menu versatility. With the Evo Professional Wheeled Cart gas grill, the options are limitless. Customized menus are easy, increasing the level of satisfaction from guests. Using the grill as a chef-center creates an interactive flair from station to station, encouraging participation and satisfaction. Menu expansion is no longer an issue, it’s welcomed.

Bring On The Fun!

Interactive, chef-prepared meals are fun! Action stations can help make events interactive and enjoyable, giving guests something to talk about and look forward to. Restaurants create food stations to draw interest in cooking, mixing, plating, and adding toppings. Catered events have taken this model and created customized meals where every guest can have what they want.

Different types of action stations include specialty meat carving stations where classes can be held or demonstrations on how to cut different selections. Chef-centered action stations have different varieties of food, like pasta, cheeses, and more. This heightens the level of communication between the chef and guest as they observe how chefs prepare and plate foods.

Guest-centered action stations are effective for guests because they allow guests to prepare their food how they want while getting as much as they want. For guests new to this type of experience, they have an opportunity of trying new spins on foods they are used to. Action stations can be created for desserts, breakfast food, and more.

Evo Professional Wheeled Cart Grill

For on- or off-premises catering, the Evo Professional wheeled cart gas grill is perfect for any outdoor event. If the thought of having an open-air event to enhance the level of community at a hotel sounds attractive, imagine how much more fun it becomes with grilling stations, customized menus, and a welcome delivery every time.

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