Creating A Holiday Party Experience To Drive Profits

White gloved hand holding gold gift box with champagne glasses and sparkles setting holiday party experience

As the weather changes and the holidays grow closer, caterers, restaurants, hotels, and other types of foodservice operators are preparing for the onset of holiday parties. These are great opportunities to generate additional revenue, so operators should carefully consider setting up their operations for success. This means planning ahead, investing in the right resources, and […]

Q & A with Dr. Michael Airhart by Guest Blogger Mike Knapp

One of the great things about EVO grills is that they offer unlimited applications. For Dr. Michael Airhart, that application is using his EVO for good. Dr. Airhart is a Chicago-based chef who has made a commitment to feed the homeless in his community. He was drawn to helping others from a young age, and […]

Bringing The Hospitality Outdoors With Evo

Imagine driving down the street when something delicious wafts through the air. Where is it? What is it? Where can I get some? This is at the heart of one of dining’s hottest trends, which is outdoor dining. But being outdoors doesn’t have to just be for consumption. It can be part of the cooking […]

The Pluses and Minuses of Open-Air Cooking

Open air, al fresco dining became even more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic when restaurant customers were looking for safe spaces and operators were searching for air purification systems for restaurants. The reality, though, is that eating outside isn’t the only option. Open air cooking is also growing in popularity. What do people need to […]

What Is A Chef’s Action Station?

There is an old saying: “We eat with our eyes first”. Most people have seen endless throngs of social media posts that feature visually appealing food dishes. So, it is natural that foodservice trends are veering toward visuals. Currently, one of the most innovative movements in the foodservice industry is chef action stations. What Is […]