Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! All over the country, football teams are starting to train for the upcoming season. From Pee-Wee leagues to the NFL, players are putting their pads on and getting ready for Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. So is Evo! Did you know that Evo is equipped in twelve […]

Teppanyaki at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort

One of the reasons people travel to upscale resorts is to get away from it all and experience some sun, fun, and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important for these resorts to provide their customers with an environment that does just that.  And, people also travel to these resorts to eat some fantastic food!  At […]

What Natural Gas Restrictions Could Mean for Restaurants

The use of natural gas in restaurants is a complex one. While gas has traditionally been an enormous driver of commercial foodservice equipment, those traditions are starting to change. All across the country, cities and municipalities are enacting regulations that ban the use of gas. What began in Berkeley, California, has spread to other cities […]

3 Reasons to Choose Ventless Cooking Equipment

Technology is a sweeping force in the foodservice industry, changing the way we conduct all aspects of the business. From mobile ordering and digital menus to automation and connected kitchens, technology is helping to make things easier for both consumers and operators alike. One of the most influential technological advances is the ability to cook […]

Where’s the EVent? UBS Arena, Elmont, NY

When it comes to buildings and event centers, sports arenas are in a class of their own. New stadiums are relatively common, and developers and teams seem to go all out to try to outdo each other. One of the newest stadiums is the UBS Stadium in Elmont, New York, where developers have taken a […]

Where’s The EVent? H-E-B Grocery

With more people focusing on experiences that include great food without needing to go to a restaurant, the one place that’s making big waves is the grocery store. Modernized and trendier than ever, the grocery store we once knew has evolved from a place to grab food you have to cook at home. Founded in […]

Where’s the EVent? Kusa Nori

While it’s fun to sit down at the blackjack table or catch a great show, Las Vegas is also known for its extensive selection of great food created by some of the world’s most well-known chefs. Diversity is a key to Las Vegas’ food scene, with fine dining options stemming from pretty much every cuisine […]

Where’s the EVent? in Tuscaloosa

If there’s one thing they know in Tuscaloosa, Alabama besides football, it’s good eating. Home to one of the most famous barbecue restaurants on the planet – hello, Dreamland – students at the University of Alabama certainly know what success looks like both on the field and on the plate, and those two things come […]

Where’s the EVent? At Yankee Stadium

“There it goes, see ya.” It’s not just a catchphrase from the YES Network’s Michael Kay whenever the Bronx Bombers hit another one into the short porch in right field. It could easily be applied to their ventless griddles scattered all around the stadium concourse, griddles that pull exhaust and smoke away from the cooking […]