How to Bring Professional Cooking to Your Backyard

5 people in backyard waiting for cooked food coming off grill. Patio table on the left of the people.

Backyards are for entertaining, playing, and enjoying a home. That\’s why so many homeowners invest a lot of time and resources to ensure backyards are beautifully landscaped and well-maintained with all the necessary toys. And when it comes to entertaining in the backyard, food often brings us together. How Cooking Brings People Together Food is […]

Why Sam the Cooking Guy Loves His Evo Grill

Sam Zien used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. At some point he decided it wasn’t the right place for him, and he decided to move into the exciting world of travel television. The year was 2001, and his plans were quickly thwarted when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on September 11. […]