1. Call Evo, Inc. at 503-626-1802 and request an EVent Fire System Commissioning.
  2. Provide the complete business name and address; and specific location if necessary (such as room number, suite number, floor, etc.).
  3. Provide a name of a contact person and phone number to schedule commissioning process.
  4. Exact unit quantities of Evo EVent 35E and/or Evo EVent 48E cooking stations and an individual list of serial numbers.
  5. Expected “go live date” (when you anticipate to begin using the EVent cooking equipment).
  6. Evo, Inc. will select a local Authorized Fire System Contractor in proximity to your business address and notify them to schedule a commissioning of the fire suppression system.
  7. If required, the Authorized Fire System Contractor will make contact with the local municipal jurisdiction to request a fire system permit. The cost associated with the fire system permit is the responsibility of the end-customer purchaser of the EVent equipment.
  8. Following the local municipal jurisdiction approval, if required, the Authorized Fire System Contractor will schedule a time with you, the end-customer purchaser, to conduct the process of commissioning the fire suppression system. The commissioning process will likely take 1 hour per cooking station.
  9. Note that some jurisdictions may require the cooking station to be interfaced to the building fire alarm system, if present. The EVent cooking station is designed to be supervised by a building fire alarm system.

Keep in mind that with all commercial fire suppression systems, there are semi-annual inspections and servicing of the EVent Fire Suppression Equipment that is required per local, state and National codes, as well as your local Authorized Fire System Contractor’s product policy and warranty. This semi-annual inspection is to be negotiated and scheduled directly between the end-customer purchaser of the EVent equipment and the local Authorized Fire System Contractor.