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Evo VentCore, Nieco Broiler, And Ventless Options in NYC

With over 27,000 restaurants currently operating in New York City, most people are shocked to learn about restaurant owners’ unique challenges to run their businesses successfully. Due to the dense population, tight space, and age of many buildings, operating a restaurant in New York City requires several permits, fees, and a lot of patience. However, the New York City Fire Department has recently approved ventless commercial kitchen equipment in all five boroughs of NYC, allowing restaurants to choose more efficient appliance options to use in their kitchens.

Challenges With Obtaining a Cooking Permit in NYC

To obtain a cooking permit in New York City, a restaurant must undergo many steps and adhere to countless regulations that ensure the entire establishment is up to code. Unfortunately, due to the age of most buildings in the city, it can be tough to get a restaurant up to code as many features will be outdated. For example, installing a range hood can pose many issues for restaurant owners seeking to update an older space. A licensed professional must be employed when installing a range hood to ensure the equipment meets the FDNY’s regulations. After the installation, the FDNY will inspect the range hood annually. Restaurants that fail this inspection can be fined, closed, or even have their permits to operate refused. While these rules may seem extreme, they are essential to ensure a restaurant’s food security and protect the business, customers, and employees.

Evo Ventless Griddle

However, Evo offers a solution for restaurants seeking to operate without an overhead vent hood and still meet the FDNY’s regulations. Evo’s EVent Ventless Electric Griddle was designed for front-of-house cooking for restaurants, sports arenas, cafeterias, convention centers, resorts, grocery stores, and foodservice operators without an overhead vent hood. This high-efficiency ventless griddle pulls air along the cooktop and pushes it through a series of filters to remove grease and smoke. The EVent comes in two different models, each equipped with a fire suppression system ideally suited for restaurants in New York City.

Redefining the Limits of Ventless

Thanks to the recent change in the FDNY’s regulations now allowing ventless commercial kitchen equipment throughout NYC, Nieco Broiler with the Evo VentCore can now offer ventless equipment in all five boroughs. Known for their innovation in the foodservice industry, Middleby has jumpstarted the ventless revolution with the first ventless electric automatic broiler. This ventless broiler builds upon Nieco’s MV Series broilers, creating an innovative solution for restaurants looking to meet New York City’s strict codes. By combining Nieco’s broiler technology with Evo’s recirculating ventilation system, the companies have created a broiler that can be placed anywhere and still be up to the FDNY\’s codes. 

Due to New York City\’s density, older architecture, and the endless number of codes restaurants must adhere to, the new Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore has the potential to shape the future of the city\’s restaurant industry. With this innovative kitchen equipment, NYC restaurants will no longer need to rely on out-of-date ventilation to pass frequent FDNY inspections. Thousands of restaurants will finally be free to utilize the latest kitchen technology instead of depending on faulty ventilation. 

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