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Flattop vs Open Flame Grill: Professional Wheeled Cart

Since the beginning of time, we’ve used flamed heat to cook our food. It makes sense, fire is easy to come by, and over time we’ve learned to harness flamed heat into all sorts of cooking applications, such as grills, hearth ovens, and flame broilers.  But isn’t it time we evolve a little bit? We think so, which is why we designed the Professional Wheeled Cart flat-top grill. Still cooking with flame, but with a versatile seasoned flattop that provides separate cooking zones and provides versatility that many grills can’t match.

The Evo Residential Professional Wheeled Cart and Tabletop have a 30” (762mm) diameter oil seasoned steel cook surface heated underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners. Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities.   Evo’s versatility also involves controllable dual cooking zones to accommodate multiple foods cooked to order simultaneously. Bacon, eggs, muffin, hash browns, or steak, asparagus, red potatoes, Texas toast!

That versatility alone is what makes our grill stand out. The two cooking areas allow chefs to cook food at very precise settings. Sure, most flame grills have a couple of different burners, but really, how different are the temperatures between the two zones? Instead of relying on “hot spots” to cook foods a certain way, what about knowing the temperatures of each of the zones and using that to cook food just the way your family wants it?  That’s what a flattop grill gives you, precision.  With that in mind, it more than makes sense to use a flattop grill that gives you the same thing.

Some of the best chefs in the business turn to Evo for their precision cooking, including Middleby Residential brand ambassador Jaime Laurita, and Dr. Michael “Chef Mike” Airhart, chef and CEO of the non-profit organization Taste for the Homeless.

It’s Chef Mike’s mission to feed the homeless in the Chicagoland area, and he counts on an Evo Professional Wheeled Cart as one of his weapons of choice. Chef Mike feeds thousands of homeless people a year, using his Evo to cook everything from regular fare like breakfast, burgers, and hot dogs, to steak and lobster.

Chef Jaime uses his Evo both personally and professionally and is really impressed with the capabilities of an Evo.

“It’s an incredible appliance where you can have so many things cooking at one time,” Chef Jaime said. “There’s nothing you can’t cook on an Evo.”

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