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Creating A Holiday Party Experience To Drive Profits

As the weather changes and the holidays grow closer, caterers, restaurants, hotels, and other types of foodservice operators are preparing for the onset of holiday parties. These are great opportunities to generate additional revenue, so operators should carefully consider setting up their operations for success. This means planning ahead, investing in the right resources, and providing appropriate training. Regardless of whether the venue is indoors or outdoors, there are several essential tips that leaders, managers, and owners need to remember to create a unique holiday party experience.

Commercial Holiday Party Best Practices

There are plenty of ways for guests to celebrate, and restaurants and hospitality-minded operations should prepare to accommodate a range of goals and needs. In many ways, this is the first holiday season since the onset of the pandemic that will resemble pre-Covid routines and attendance. With the current state of labor in the foodservice industry, it\’s more important than ever to consider a holiday strategy well in advance.

Plan the Menu Ahead of Time

Menus should be diversified with many options to accommodate guests of different backgrounds and specific dietary needs. This includes meat-filled recipes, vegetarian options, sweet treats, and maybe a few gluten-free choices.

The Color Scheme

Accessories are also an important part of throwing a solid holiday party. Restaurant managers need to select a color scheme that will not overwhelm the guests. The two main colors should contrast with one another, and having a third color to pop against the backdrop can add a bit more flair. Holiday colors should be considered. Green and red for Christmas, black and silver for New Year’s Eve, and white and blue for Hannukah. Remember, guests eat with their eyes, first, so the décor matters.

Add Menu Cards

Menu cards are also helpful. Creating unique names based on holiday themes is a way to inject a bit more creativity. Do not forget to include information on potential allergies or sensitivities. Display cards can also help disperse traffic amongst different serving areas.

Set the Mood Appropriately

Use decorations and lighting to set the mood appropriately. Do not hesitate to visit the local craft store for a bit of inspiration. Planning holiday parties around these tips can help managers and owners put holiday party experience in a position to succeed. 

The Life of the Party – Consider Action Stations

Action stations are an excellent opportunity to make the party more interactive. They are culinary performance venues, allowing cooks and chefs to prepare meals in front of an audience. Whether it is a few people or an entire group, action stations are great for visual stimulation, enhancing food appeal, and making meals taste better. Again, we first eat with our eyes.

There are several types of action stations, and all of them can be customized to meet the venue\’s needs. 

Bring the Party Anywhere You Want

Regardless of the location, that proper action station from Evo allows operators to bring the party just about anywhere. Even if the space is outside and the venue does not have a designated kitchen area, Evo makes it easy to host an exceptional holiday gathering by providing mobility. With portable, outdoor gas grills, for example, operators can cook in small spaces and provide an opportunity for everyone to gather around a theater cooking space where meals are prepared right in front of them.

Celebration Menus

Depending on the timing, it can be a good idea to have celebration menus. People attending holiday events are often enticed by dishes with seasonal flavors or ingredients. A few examples include pumpkin, nutmeg, chocolate, and cinnamon. When these ingredients are combined with an interactive indoor action station, guests are immediately more invested in the quality of the meal, which can turn the party into a powerful experience.

One great option for cooking a range of seasonal ingredients is the Evo Centric Griddle. This portable electric cooktop works well in just about every location and is ideal for preparing holiday-centric meals that will wow guests and add some personality to the party.

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