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How to Clean Your Evo Grill

Anyone who owns an Evo grill knows just how easy they are to clean, even Sam the Cooking Guy. That’s just one reason why Evo griddles are so popular amongst homeowners. Not only do they built to last, but they’re also easy to use and maintain.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining an Evo grill, the process can be divided into four simple steps. Let’s go through them here.

1) Use a metal scraper.

Before beginning the cleaning process, start with a warm cooking surface. Ideally, it’s best to clean an Evo griddle shortly after it’s used. Grab an Evo scraper, and run it across the cooking surface at overlapping intervals to remove all remaining food particles, grease, oils, or other debris that might remain on the griddle.

2) Scrub with a high smoke point oil.

Use a high smoke point cooking oil (canola, vegetable, avocado, walnut, etc.) to clean the cooking surface. A cleaning pad should be put directly on the cooking surface. Then, a liberal amount should be poured on the pad. Using a consistent pattern, scrub the griddle to remove any debris that sticks to the cooking surface.

3) Wipe the surface with a terry cloth or paper towel.

Next, wipe the cooking surface completely clean with a terry cloth or paper towel to completely remove any access debris or liquids. This will leave the griddle looking black and glossy, and this step can be repeated several times to achieve the desired cleanliness.

4) Finally, apply a thin layer of high smoke point oil to the cooking surface.

A great way to season the griddle is to wipe the entire cooking surface with a lightly oiled terry cloth or paper towel. This is something that should be done regularly. It’s a tried-and-true method to maintain an excellent cooking surface. Remember, the more the griddle is used, the better the seasoning will become if it’s cared for correctly. The Evo cooktop is pre-seasoned before it’s shipped, but owners still need to clean the griddle after each use to ensure proper seasoning is retained.

When maintaining an Evo grill, the goal is to remove excess carbon from the cooking surface and then refinish that surface with a thin layer of oil. Take a look here:

More Pro Tips for the Evo Griddle 

In addition to cleaning, there are a few tips to consider when maintaining an Evo grill. First, try to avoid cooking on a dry surface. Start with medium heat and apply cooking oil to the surface before each cooking session. Also, avoid using salt, degreasers, soal, water, club soda, steel wool, cleaning bricks, or abrasive products on the cooking surface, as they can degrade it. But most of all, be sure to have fun. An Evo grill is designed for homeowners to enjoy outdoor cooking, and that’s what we hope our units achieve.

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