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Introducing the New Evo Elevation 40E Plancha

According to the history books, flattop cooking began with the native cultures in Latin America, where they used to use a flat, heated clay or stone surface to cook masa or cornmeal. We’ve come a long way since those days, with the latest evolution being the new plancha from EVO.

Created for operations that require high-volume plancha-style cooking, the EVO Elevation™ 40E Plancha has the production capacity and durability to be perfect in the back of the house, but it has an elevated aesthetic designed for the front of the house.

Let’s take a closer look at the newest member of the EVO flattop cooking suite.

How does the Elevation 40E Plancha work?

Utilizing nine electric heaters that span the surface of the Elevation Plancha, these units employ edge-to-edge elements for a consistent and all-encompassing cook zone. Temperatures can range from 200 degrees Fahrenheit up to 700 degrees, and Smart Heat temperature controls allow for instant recovery and continuous searing capabilities.

What types of operations can benefit from the Elevation 40E Plancha?

Units are great for a wide range of applications, from restaurants to retail and B&I to education. Easy-to-use controls allow for customizable presets for managing multiple cooking tasks at the same time. The flat cooking plate makes it easy for food transfer and reduces the need to cook with standard pots and pans.

The Elevation 40E Electric Griddle Plancha can be placed in the front or back of the house with a Type 1 commercial exhaust hood. Its sleek design is perfect for theater cooking applications. In addition, units can be placed atop a refrigerated base, equipment stand, or with a stainless steel trim kit built for built-in countertop applications.

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