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What Natural Gas Restrictions Could Mean for Restaurants

The use of natural gas in restaurants is a complex one. While gas has traditionally been an enormous driver of commercial foodservice equipment, those traditions are starting to change.

All across the country, cities and municipalities are enacting regulations that ban the use of gas. What began in Berkeley, California, has spread to other cities and states, with more and more regulations and incentives for electricity-powered cooking moving operators to eye electric kitchens in the future.

The Top Benefits of Electric Cooking

Even though many restaurant owners and operators are used to cooking with gas, cooking with electricity has several benefits. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Technology has come a long way, and electric cooking equipment can heat up and cool down faster. This leads to faster turnaround and recovery times.
  • Electricity-powered foodservice equipment means the potential to run that equipment without the use of expensive hoods. Electricity means ventless.
  • Cooking with electricity is much more efficient. The energy is converted directly into heat, which can help restaurants save money.
  • By relying on electric cooking equipment, restaurant owners open the door to ventless cooking equipment. It is much smaller and versatile, creating new concept opportunities for restaurant owners.
  • Without having to worry about excessive levels of gas, indoor air quality is improved. This can improve working conditions and dining experiences for employees and customers.

Bonus Tip: One of the main points of emphasis that critics of natural gas cooking will make is the reduction in air quality that gas can cause. For operations looking to improve air quality and minimize the risk of harmful air particles like viruses, particularly as we\’re emerging from the Covid pandemic, Bluezone by Middleby can help restaurant owners protect their employees and customers. Evo distributes Bluezone, a patented air purification system that cleans the air of up to 99.9995 percent of all harmful viruses, to help restaurant owners keep their food fresh and their restaurants safe.

An Introduction to Electric Griddle Options

Several exceptional griddles from Evo can help restaurant owners run an efficient, quality operation amid natural gas restrictions. Some of the top options available include:

1. EVent Ventless Griddle

One of the top options available is the EVent 48E, which includes a high-efficiency electric commercial griddle. It has an integrated ventilation system that extracts air from the griddle surface using a series of filters. The filter removes grease and smoke particles before exhausting clean air. This is a ventless commercial griddle that will fit well just about anywhere. There are several exceptional griddles available in the EVent Series

2. Elevation 40E Plancha

Restaurants that require high-volume production may want to consider the Elevation 40E Plancha. This is an ideal solution for foodservice operators at all levels. It can be used as an open bar owner, a French top, or a direct contact cooking surface. It can heat up to 700º F and has a sleek design that is ideal for movie theater cooking. It is even versatile enough to accommodate extra units. 

3. Affinity Presentation Cooktop

Another popular option is the Affinity Presentation Cooktop. This is the perfect option for restaurant owners and cooks who like to cook in front of their patrons. If the meal demands delicate food preparation, this versatile, easy-to-use, customizable cooktop provides fast temperature recovery. It is also possible to use this griddle to make independent heat adjustments across inner and outer cooking zones. 

4. Evo VentCore with Nieco Broiler

This is the very first ventless automatic broiler. Now, people can broil just about anywhere. This electric recirculating ventilation system pairs well with a high-velocity ventilation fan. The fan captures cooking Vapor using an advanced filtration system, removing contaminants before returning clean air to the cooking system. It is one of the most advanced appliances on the market today. 

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