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How to Bring Professional Cooking to Your Backyard

Backyards are for entertaining, playing, and enjoying a home. That\’s why so many homeowners invest a lot of time and resources to ensure backyards are beautifully landscaped and well-maintained with all the necessary toys. And when it comes to entertaining in the backyard, food often brings us together.

How Cooking Brings People Together

Food is one of the most powerful ways people connect and come together. Eating a meal with friends and family helps generate conversation and turns an ordinary dinner into a social activity. When we sit down for a meal, we interact with the people around us. We learn about each other. And we enjoy getting together after time spent apart. While eating is an important aspect of this, so is cooking.

Food also ties together different backgrounds and cultures while helping us feel better and lifting our spirits. Different flavors and cooking traditions are brought together at the dinner table, helping us learn more about the world we live in. Whether you have a romantic dinner for two or a huge party filled with guests, cooking, serving others, and eating together are acts of comfort and enjoyment. 

Benefits of Backyard Outdoor Cooking

While most of us immediately associate cooking with a traditional indoor kitchen, the rise in outdoor cooking areas and backyard kitchens has started to change that image. There are many different benefits to having an outdoor kitchen that people are starting to enjoy. The first is that the backyard is already a great entertainment space. Adding a kitchen further emphasizes the social aspect of a backyard hangout and helps keep the whole group together rather than separated indoors and outdoors. 

A backyard kitchen also helps you prepare delicious and healthier meals. Outdoor kitchens are often associated with grilling, a great cooking method to add flavor to your meals while cutting out excess fat. It’s easy to throw a few veggies on the grill with your proteins for an extra health boost. Considered a luxury add-on, an outdoor cooking area also increases your home value. 

Experience the Outdoors with Evo

Cooking outdoors requires the right equipment to make your backyard kitchen a high-end and professional space. Evo, a well-known name in the commercial foodservice industry, now has equipment designed for residential use. With Evo, you can cook up delicious meals on a flattop residential griddle and avoid the grill grates that limit traditional outdoor grilling, all while having a conversation with friends. You can also use the Evo Affinity 30G cooktop to maximize the available space in your backyard kitchen with independent heat adjustment. 

Evo also provides equipment like the Professional Wheeled Cart for cooking in different places in your outdoor kitchen, helping you create the best layout for your needs. The Professional Tabletop also helps you integrate high-quality, professional-grade cooking equipment into your outdoor kitchen, helping your ingredients shine and your cooking space become the talking point of your backyard. With Evo equipment, you can create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. And turn your backyard from a general gathering space and overflow area into the heart of your home.

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