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Redefining the limits of ventless: Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore

Over the last two decades, Middleby has become one of the biggest disruptors in the industry. From green initiatives to new technologies, Middleby has always stayed ahead of the game when it comes to embracing technology and using it to improve its products across all platforms.

One of the ways Middleby has set the standard in the industry is in the cross-pollination of its products. Taking technology and innovation from one brand or product and applying it to another has made for some new, cutting-edge products that clearly stand out in a crowded market.

An example is the collaboration between Evo and Nieco that produced the new Nieco broiler with Evo VentCore technology.

For more than 50 years, Nieco has set the standard in flame-broiling, producing broilers that provide consistently-cooked, superior-tasting food in half the time while providing savings in labor, time and energy.

You can find Nieco broilers almost anywhere: restaurants, the military, schools, grocery store delis, hospitals and catering operations are just a few of the places you’ll find a Nieco hard at work.

But in order to disrupt an industry, you have to keep moving forward with tech and innovation, which involves asking questions. In this case, how can we make Nieco broilers even better?

That’s easy – go ventless!

The answer is easy, but how to go about doing it?

Simple, bring in Evo.

Evo has become a leader in ventless technology, designing ventilation systems that take care of smoke, grease and other dirty particles, before finally exhausting the clean air, and its Event technology was awarded the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association. Now an Evo griddle can go anywhere, no HVAC or hood needed.

What Nieco needs and what Evo has made them perfect partners when it comes to combining tech and innovation. The collaboration of these two successful brands has produced a new ventless broiler solution that changes everything.

Meet the new Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore, a broiler that you can take anywhere.

Here’s what’s up with the technology:

The Evo VentCore is an electric recirculating ventilation system with an integrally attached Nieco automatic broiler. The system includes a high-velocity ventilation fan that captures and processes cooking vapor through an advanced filtration system before returning clean air back to an occupied space. The filtration system includes a cyclonic separation chamber, three segments of washable metal filters, and one disposable paper filter that’s changed monthly.

The VentCore control system provides constant notification of operating conditions that ensure the ventilation system and the Nieco broiler is always functioning optimally. The VentCore duct system is fully welded stainless steel and utilizes a factory-installed Ansul fire suppression system with dry contact fire alarm micro switch and cross-pattern nozzles that provides a continuous zone of fire protection.

The applications to the Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore are endless, and allows for placement in almost any venue. Middleby, Nieco and Evo have done it again!

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