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Yes, You Can Have A Residential Flattop Griddle

Some of the best-tasting foods are prepared on a flattop grill. That’s why many love to dine at restaurants. The joys of flattop grilling, however, shouldn’t be reserved only for those with reservations. Now, high-quality flattop grills are available for home chefs in the residential market.

History of Flattop Grilling

Flattop grill or griddle cooking originated in Central America and Mexico during the 19th century, and the grills were constructed of clay. Spaniard explorers took the practice back to Spain, and the grills, eventually made of metals, spread throughout Europe. Today, this European style is often referred to as a plancha.

Today in restaurants, it’s become commonplace to situate flattop grills in the front of the house as part of display or theater cooking spaces. They provide restaurant patrons with an enhanced sensory experience as they watch, and diners can smell the aromas of foods as they’re prepared.

Benefits of Flattop Griddles

Since flattop grills do not have separate grates, small food items stay put rather than falling between grill grates. That’s especially helpful when cooking food such as asparagus or grilled shrimp. Once the surface of the flattop is properly seasoned, food is less likely to stick. Food also browns faster and cooks more thoroughly, imparting a richer, deeper flavor profile. Flattop grills typically come with a grease trap or narrow gutter that runs alongside the top, which catches rendered fats or leftover food particles, making cleanup a breeze. 

Flattop grills allow diners to view the cooking process. This has become a part of the dining experience many would describe as entertainment. Japanese restaurants employ chefs to do \”trick cooking\” from flattop grills called teppanyaki. As guests watch, food is cooked in fun ways before being served directly from the grill. Restaurant patrons are seated on benches with the grill in the center, highlighting the advantages of grill cooking that other cooking methods do not share.

Introducing Residential Flattop Griddles 

Until recently, flattop griddles were exclusively for restaurants. They were very large and needed extensive ventilation, which wouldn’t work in personal residences. However, Evo has developed a full line of residential flattops for outdoor and indoor use that addresses those issues and allows people to get the restaurant feel in their homes.  

Made in America, Evo’s flattop griddles allow home cooks to grill directly on the cooking surface. They can also use indirect methods like pots and pans to keep items warm. With no requirement for additional venting and premium options like wheeled carts or a circular cooking surface, every home chef can put on a show for their friends and family and serve up tasty meals.

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