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Affinity 30G Trim Kit

Affinity 30″ Trim Kit

Model #: 11-0123-ATK
Stainless steel trim kit for Evo Affinity 30G and 30Gp drop-in models. For ease of installation. Allows for a rectangle cutout instead of a circle.
12-0116-AC - Stainless Steel Cooking Covers Set of 2

Cooking Covers

Model #: 12-0116-AC
Set of 2 Evo stainless steel steamer/cooking covers (16″ & 13″).
12-0117-AC - Evo Circular Roasting Racks

Roasting Racks

Model #: 12-0117-AC
Set of 2 Evo circular roasting and baking racks (15″ &11″).
PU-UNI-0260N - Grill Surface Thermometer

Grill Surface Thermometer

Model #: PU-UNI-0260N
Place the thermometer directly on your Evo cooking surface to get accurate temperatures for any type of cooking technique.
13-0100-AC - Cook Surface Cleaning Kit

Cook Surface Cleaning Kit

Model #: 13-0100-AC
3 PC set includes handle, cleaning pad, and cleaning screen. Pads are specially designed to quickly remove grease and food.
13-0112-AC - Cook Surface Cleaning Screens

Cook Surface Cleaning Screens

Model #: 13-0112-AC
10 pack of Evo cook surface cleaning screens for heavy duty cleaning.
130110-AC - Cook Surface Cleaning Pads, Qty 10

Cook Surface Cleaning Pads

Model #: 13-0110-AC
10 pack Evo cook surface cleaning pads for cleaning after every cook.
12-0111-AC - Stainless Steel Cook Surface Scraper

Stainless Steel Cook Surface Scraper

Model #: 12-0111-AC
Evo stainless steel cook surface scraper.

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