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Teppanyaki at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort

One of the reasons people travel to upscale resorts is to get away from it all and experience some sun, fun, and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important for these resorts to provide their customers with an environment that does just that.  And, people also travel to these resorts to eat some fantastic food!  At the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort in Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia, visitors to the resort have 12 different restaurants to choose from. When the resort went looking for a partner that would help them with that vision for one of their newest restaurants, they turned to Evo.

Kimonos is a restaurant that cooks up Teppanyaki-style sensations while providing table-side entertainment. That means the chef is cooking the food right at the table and in front of the customers, putting on a show while cooking up some tasty Japanese dishes.

Whether they are in an upscale restaurant, at a stadium or arena, or just in their own backyard, people enjoy watching their food being prepared. It gives them the opportunity to participate in the process, and they know that the food that ends up in their hands or on their plate is fresh.

At Kimono, the skillful chefs use the Evo EVent ventless griddle to prepare mouthwatering food while entertaining with cookery tricks that are fun and exciting to watch, like juggling cooking utensils, flipping a shrimp tail into their shirt pocket, or catching a shiitake mushroom in their hat!

But beyond the show, having food cooked right in front of you gives you the opportunity to experience the full experience of eating well. Seeing the food being prepared, smelling the aroma coming off of the food and hearing the sizzle from the grill is a sensory overload that makes the food taste that much better.

Evo is also a perfect choice for Kimono because it is ventless. The restaurant is bright and open, with large windows that give visitors some amazing views of flower gardens, the beach, the clear blue water, and the lush, green mountains up in the distance. If you are going to go all the way to Saint Lucia, you want to see the beauty – not a bunch of restaurant equipment.

Customers want to see that view, and they want to see it without their view being blocked by hoods or other ventilation equipment. The Evo EVent ventless griddle is a high-efficiency electric griddle that is integrated with a ventilation system that extracts air across the griddle surface through a series of filters, including an electrostatic precipitator that removes smoke and grease particulates before exhausting clean air. A winner of a Kitchen Innovation Award in 2015, that innovation means that the EVent griddle can be placed anywhere, from an upscale restaurant to the concourse of a stadium or arena.

The Evo EVent can go anywhere and do anything, which is why it is the solution for you. For more information, visit us at https://www.evoamerica.com/.

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