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The Ventless Broiler Is a Real Thing

Collaboration breeds ingenuity. It’s what brings us so many innovations across all types of industries ranging from aerospace to brewing ales. When great minds get together with the goal of creating something bigger than the individual parts, magic happens, and that’s exactly what our Middleby parent company hopes to create by bringing together so many different foodservice manufacturers.

What does that mean here at Evo? We’d like to introduce you to the ventless broiler. Yes, it’s possible to have a broiler without a ventilation hood, and it’s turning otherwise unusable locations into profitable storefronts for many global chains.

Evo joins forces with Nieco

Nieco broilers are known across the industry for their ability to simplify labor needs and increase speed of service in the back of the house. This results in consistently cooked foods that deliver those high-quality broiler flavors that customers know and love, but there’s always been a challenge with broiler cooking, as they’ve always required expensive ventilation systems.

Evo, on the other hand, is known for its ventless solutions such as the EVent ventless griddle that can turn just about any space into a profit center. Combine similar ventless technologies and capabilities developed through Evo’s VentCore system, and the result is a fully ventless broiler that can be placed anywhere.

How does a broiler from one company work with ventless cooking technology from another?

Evo’s VentCore is an electric system that can be attached to one of Nieco’s automatic broilers. Using a high-velocity fan, air is captured as it leaves the surface of the broiler and is run through a filtration system before clean air is added back to the room. This system is comprised of a separation chamber paired with three washable filters and one disposable one that should be changed monthly.

Coupled with Nieco’s broiler designs, which have been around since 1969, VentCore provides the ability to create great, flame-broiled flavors just about anywhere. And if you hear the phrase “flame-broiled,” you’re likely to think of one operation.

The King Goes Crazy for Flame-Broiled

Burger King has staked their claim on being the king of flame-broiled burgers. In fact, that’s a big reason why you’ll most often find smoke in and around any Burger King location. With the partnership between Nieco and Evo, though, those smoke emissions can be prohibitive in many non-traditional locations. Rather than drive smoke into the neighborhood, it’s filtered inside the VentCore system, giving Burger King more options in where they can locate new stores.

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