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What Is A Chef’s Action Station?

There is an old saying: “We eat with our eyes first”. Most people have seen endless throngs of social media posts that feature visually appealing food dishes. So, it is natural that foodservice trends are veering toward visuals. Currently, one of the most innovative movements in the foodservice industry is chef action stations.

What Is an Action Station?

In short, action stations are culinary performance venues. It is a cooking space that allows chefs and cooks to prepare meals for an audience. Whether it is one person sitting in the kitchen, a school cafeteria, or a dinner party at a top-rated restaurant, action stations exist for anyone that loves to show the cooking process — or anyone that enjoys seeing it.

Over the years, multiple studies have been conducted examining the relationship between food appeal and visual stimulation. The broad consensus has always been the same. An attractive presentation of food increases the likelihood of a person enjoying the meal.

Action stations are literal stages for food presentation, but there are different types of stations that a person or business can use to achieve their respective purposes.

Guest-centered Action Stations

These action stations get the guest directly involved by acting as a self-serving station. Each person has the opportunity to build their own meals with the ingredients that are present. Guests can control their food and portions.  At guest-centered action stations, chefs and cooks oversee each person’s participation, ingredients, and supplies. When the food runs low, chefs can add to the station and make sure the guests get their fill of food.

Chef-centered Action Stations

With these action stations, chefs are the star of the stage. Chef-centered action stations see the cook at the center, actively preparing meals for guests in real-time. However, guests still have the freedom and fun of participating in the station. While the cook has fresh, prepared ingredients on hand, guests are able to customize their meals by requesting what they want to be included on the plate.

So, while the chef gets to flex their culinary muscle, guests get to watch the preparation and get a warm, fresh catered meal suited perfectly to their taste.

Carving Stations

These stations are centered around meat preparation, allowing guests to request specific cuts of protein for their meals.

One of the nicest benefits of a carving station is that even if a guest isn’t sure about what they want, the starring chef probably has a good idea and can recommend a choice cut of meat that the guest will enjoy.

What Are the Benefits of Action Stations?

Action stations bring new energy to the foodservice industry by inviting guests into the kitchen and allowing them to be active participants in the culinary process.

These stations also keep food warm enough for serving. Action stations also give guests the power of choice, letting them customize their meals for the ultimate satisfactory dining experience.

Evo Centric 20E Griddle For Indoor Action Stations

The Evo Centric Griddle is perfect for an action station because it is multi-functional. Chefs can cook directly on the seasoned griddle but also have the option to use pots and pans. The front panel has a temperature control option for concentrated and even cooking. 

Safe to use on tables and countertops, it is beautifully built for display and presentation in almost any space, perfecting fitting on a banquet table.  Custom-designed cart available.  Plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet. Easy to use and clean, it is ready to use within a matter of minutes to keep customers fed throughout the meal.

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