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Where’s the EVent? At Yankee Stadium

“There it goes, see ya.” It’s not just a catchphrase from the YES Network’s Michael Kay whenever the Bronx Bombers hit another one into the short porch in right field. It could easily be applied to their ventless griddles scattered all around the stadium concourse, griddles that pull exhaust and smoke away from the cooking surface without the need for ventilation, essentially making it disappear just like a hanging curve.

We’re talking about EVO’s EVent Ventless Griddles, of course, and in this new series, we’re going to explore all the great places where the EVent can be found. So, where’s the big EVent? Today, we’re starting on the corner of 161st Street and River Avenue in the baseball cathedral known as Yankee Stadium.

The Origins of EVO

If you’re lucky enough to attend a Yankee Game in the Audi Club, you’ll enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet and an amazing view of the field. Before the 2015 season, the Legends Hospitality Team purchased the first EVent Ventless Griddle for use in this area to increase throughput and serve more customers in a shorter period of time.

They were satisfied with the performance of the EVent, and two years later, 10 more units were purchased. The following year, a twelfth was added. Adding griddles in many locations is impossible unless expensive HVAC and ventilation equipment is added, as well, but the EVO EVent can provide griddle cooking without the need for a hood.

How does EVent deliver game after game?

While the scoreboard won’t always favor the home team, EVO’s EVent will. Using a four-stage filtration process built right into the unit, smoke, grease, exhaust, and other particulates caused by griddle cooking are pulled across the cooking surface and into the filter. With touch screen controls and displays, the unit’s ventilation process is monitored in real-time.

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