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Where’s The EVent? H-E-B Grocery

With more people focusing on experiences that include great food without needing to go to a restaurant, the one place that’s making big waves is the grocery store. Modernized and trendier than ever, the grocery store we once knew has evolved from a place to grab food you have to cook at home.

Founded in 1905 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B grocery stores know how to move with the trends. With a focus on providing experiences, this chain understands what it means to put its customers first. From fresh vegetable and product selections to virtual cooking classes to showcase how to make the perfect meal, H-E-B makes it easy to find everything you need for your home.

The way people shop and eat is different, and H-E-B listened. Meeting the demands of the customer is more important than ever, and they do it willingly across all their stores. Adding a modern spin to the changing palates and need for convenience of today’s shoppers makes a difference in what they deliver and how.

Grocery Prepared Meals Purchases are Growing

Grocery stores are leveling the playing field and giving take-out restaurants something to think about. By transforming their stores to include different types of prepared foods that are fresher and more convenient, customers are turning to the supermarket for that quick meal when they don’t want to cook or just want something to pop into the oven.

What does this mean? Supermarkets are paying attention and focusing on broadening demographics and expanding dayparts to better compete in the foodservice arena.

In fact, in 2019, prepared foods were the top-selling category within U.S. grocery store deli departments, generating 15 billion US dollars. This success encouraged grocery stores to introduce entire meals beyond the deli department that range from simple to specialty. In 2022, this segment is continuously growing.

More and more grocers are expanding their spaces to include chef-inspired cooking where customers can get what they want, cooked to order.

EVent®️ Ventless Griddle at H.E.B.

The EVent Ventless Griddle makes it easy to provide specialty foods in areas where heavy cooking would have been an issue. Designed without the need for an overhead vent hood, using an EVent also helps bring the cooking show to front-of-house and makes it easy to serve customers. With this griddle, customers have choices of healthier options across the board. Why not get your dinner cooked while shopping?

With the foodservice industry needing viable solutions, this griddle makes it easier for grocery stores to offer specials and drive traffic. H.E.B used the EVent when they opened their Sushiya concept. With handmade sushi made in-store daily and an Asian grill where rice bowls and teriyaki can be custom ordered, Sushiya brings Prepared Foods to the next level. Perfect for lunch or dinner options, having a cooked meal prepared in front of customers lets them be entertained while seeing how fresh their selections are.

With no overhead hood required, low noise, a self-contained fire-suppression system, and odors absorbed through vents in the griddle, the Event Ventless Griddle is perfect for any grocery store that is ready to offer a fun, new way to purchase Prepared Foods.

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