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Where’s the EVent? in Tuscaloosa

If there’s one thing they know in Tuscaloosa, Alabama besides football, it’s good eating. Home to one of the most famous barbecue restaurants on the planet – hello, Dreamland – students at the University of Alabama certainly know what success looks like both on the field and on the plate, and those two things come together on campus at the Mal Moore Athletic Facility Dining Hall.

Meeting the demands of Crimson Tide athletes is no small undertaking, and the two-story facility attached to the Mal Moore Athletic Facility helps to ensure quality nutrition for some of the largest humans on the planet – Alabama offensive linemen, as well as some of the smallest – the Crimson Tide gymnasts. Alabama was one of the first universities to embrace the full potential of a modern nutrition regimen for student athletes, which is reflected in the success they’ve experienced on the field, court, and floor.

The Mal Moore Athletic Facility Dining Hall can host more than 400 student athletes at once with different serving areas on both floors of the center. The facility is spacious and open to promote team interactions, and it includes a recruiting room where potential Alabama players can gain access to coaches and athletic administrators.

Turn the Tide with EVO

As we mentioned above, recruiting and dining go hand-in-hand at Alabama. This is important, especially when you understand the landscape of college athletics and college football more specifically. Recruits look at player development when they’re making a decision on where they want to attend college, and nutrition is a big part of that development.

EVO EVent ventless griddles are used in the Mal Moore Athletic Facility Dining Hall because they provide cook-to-order options for Crimson Tide athletes. This allows for choice and higher quality, and it certainly becomes something to hang your houndstooth hat on when it comes to why Alabama can help student athletes more than a rival institution. Sometimes it just comes down to a great meal.

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