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Why Sam the Cooking Guy Loves His Evo Grill

Sam Zien used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. At some point he decided it wasn’t the right place for him, and he decided to move into the exciting world of travel television. The year was 2001, and his plans were quickly thwarted when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on September 11. Zien quickly pivoted and started a food and cooking show instead.

Today, more than 20 years later, Sam Zien is more widely known as Sam the Cooking Guy. He is a cookbook author and restauranteur, and his YouTube page has more than three million subscribers. He’s also a guy who loves his Evo grill.

Cooking up versatility with Evo.

Sam the Cooking Guy loves Evo because of its versatility. Simply put, it does so many things: steaks, burgers, sandwiches, stir fry, garlic bread, burritos, quesadillas, chicken, pots of sauce, and pretty much anything you can imagine from any type of cuisine during any part of the day. Yes, you can even use an Evo grill to cook up some eggs for breakfast. Don’t believe us? Check out these recipes that Sam the Cooking Guy put together using an Evo.

Evo grills can be used either inside or out, and with its two separately switched burners, one in the middle and one on the parameter, the possibilities for heat combinations are endless. Simply put, Evo means versatility in the kitchen, whether it’s in the back of the house, front of the house, or even on the patio.

Evo turns cooking into a social activity.

Sam the Cooking Guy loves Evo because it turns the cooking process into a social experience. Yes, food and beverage are needed for sustenance to keep us alive, but dining together has been a social part of humanity for many millennia. With Evo grills, that tradition continues and is even expanded to include, not just eating, but cooking.

What is that? Can I use it? What can I cook on it? These are all questions people ask when they see an Evo grill, and it’s that social aspect that makes an Evo so amazing. In today’s restaurant, it also creates an opportunity to provide an experience, with theatrical cooking and front-of-the-house action stations becoming just as important to the customer adventures as the food itself.

Bring Evo to your own outdoor cooking space.

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